Beard Equipment: Auctions

Having an Auction?
Contact Brad Louie or Shaun Hansen at Beard Equipment for more information.

Selling Equipment
Beard Equipment is tailored to provide professionals to help buy your equipment or machinery from auctions, surplus equipment or machinery within a plant, or complete plants. Beard Equipment will be able to help with removal and disposal of any unsalable equipment from your facility.
Buying Equipment
Beard Equipment has the expertise to help guide customers who need equipment or machinery for their specific services. We have a huge range of equipment and machinery both at our facility and on our eBay store. We will be able to load, rig, and transport any equipment or machinery bought from our facility.
Marketing Equipment
Need exposure of your equipment? Beard Equipment offers services that provide marketing exposure globally. Each proposal made is customized for each customer to gain the most revenue for the equipment.
Beard Equipment Specialties
* Provide secured equipment storage
* Assist with rigging and transportation
* Up to date with market prices
* Buy & sell equipment for major industries such as: 

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Machine Tool Manufactures & Distributors
  • Food & Beverage Plants
  • Aerospace
  • Laboratories
  • Fashion Retail
  • Press & Printing Companies

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