Big tools to get big jobs done

Last September, Coast Machinery Movers got the job of removal, transportation, skidding, crating and delivery of four 140,000 lb presses, four 115,000 lb presses, and six truck loads of support equipment to be delivered to Port Hueneme.

Concentration, trust, rock-solid work ethic… These are the characteristics of truly skilled Machinery Movers

The interesting part about this job? The presses needed to be shipped off to China in three weeks when we first got the order to take care of it. So, we had three weeks to:

  • Design and fabricate steel skids for 100,000lb+ presses going across the Pacific ocean on a boat, that – y’know, moves around a bit
  • Arrange for crating and packing on a timeline that would require NOT a single misstep by craters due to time constraints
  • Follow through with aforementioned tasks and get these big machines up to Port Hueneme

A big undertaking with little time. Showcasing our ability and dedication to provide solutions to your goals.


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