Big tools to get big jobs done

Last September, Coast Machinery Movers got the job of removal, transportation, skidding, crating and delivery of four 140,000 lb presses, four 115,000 lb presses, and six truck loads of support equipment to be delivered to Port Hueneme.

Concentration, trust, rock-solid work ethic… These are the characteristics of truly skilled Machinery Movers

The interesting part about this job? The presses needed to be shipped off to China in three weeks when we first got the order to take care of it. So, we had three weeks to:

  • Design and fabricate steel skids for 100,000lb+ presses going across the Pacific ocean on a boat, that – y’know, moves around a bit
  • Arrange for crating and packing on a timeline that would require NOT a single misstep by craters due to time constraints
  • Follow through with aforementioned tasks and get these big machines up to Port Hueneme

A big undertaking with little time. Showcasing our ability and dedication to provide solutions to your goals.


Coast is in Chile

Coast is in Chile

Last spring, Beard Equipment Company, sister company to Coast Machinery Movers, purchased a newspaper press line weighing in at over five hundred tons from The Los Angeles Times in OrangeCounty. Through Beard Equipment’s marketing capabilities and contacts some components of the press were sold to El Mercurio, one of Chile’s largest newsletter companies, based in Santiago, Chile.

Press Line

Midway through a full press line removal. Gantry system was used properly dismantle the line.

Coast Machinery Movers removed the decommissioned press with a special gantry system, a 50-ton tri-lifter and specialty mechanical work. Coast’s responsibility included prepping, dismantling, and loading into sea containers for overseas shipment. Components arrived in good condition to El Mercurio to be used for color enhancements for their daily publications. The dismantling of the press was completed on-time and under budget while utilizing innovative rigging techniques to maintain the integrity of surrounding commissioned press lines.



Trulite has purchased a 45′ long, 100,000 lbs. autoclave located in North Carolina. Our sister company, Coast International, located in Charlotte, North Carolina was contracted to remove the autoclave and load it onto our trucks for delivery to City of Industry, California.

Coast Machinery Movers, as a general contractor, has been contracted to transport the autoclave and components and to install them. This included engineering design for electrical, mechanical, foundation, and tilt-up wall opening. Autoclave will be positioned outside including cooling tower and platform. Door will open to inside of building which required dock door opening to be enlarged. All engineering, concrete, rigging, crane lifts, electrical, mechanical, and enlargement of tilt-up wall opening will be accomplished by Coast Machinery Movers and its subcontractors.

Coast Update January 2012

Greetings and welcome to Coast Machinery Movers’ blog! We realize we haven’t been updating this in awhile and figured we’d sit down and get illuminate some of our great stories from last year.

But first a message from our CEO and founder, Larry Beard –

Coast Machinery Movers want to give thanks for your patronage this year. We’ve had quite a busy year; furthermore, we look forward to the challenges next year will bring. We also want to tell you that even in these cost-cutting times, Coast Machinery Movers is investing in the future. Our safety procedures and programs have been rigorously updated; in addition, we’ve been acquiring new equipment to diversify our offerings. A major part of our success has been preparing for the future; we do this by constantly looking at ways to improve our efficiency as well as safety. By offering rigging, transportation, millwright service, equipment liquidation/remediation, storage, and construction services – we aim to compliment your unique situation with our flexibility. We wish you the very best this Holiday season and can’t wait to assist you in future endeavors!

Lock-Ridge Tool Project

Lock-Ridge Tool Co. Inc., a family owned and operated company since 1962 has been a successful thriving sheet metal stamping business for years.
Recently, they found themselves at a crossroads having to decide to grow the business and try to compete in an industry that is being overtaken by cheaper competition from offshoring and such countries as Mexico or slowly go the way most businesses have been going in California. Lock-Ridge decided to invest in technology that would give them the competitive edge necessary to continue to grow and remain a force in the industry.
With the new technology came the need for a building to house it in, Lock-Ridge commissioned Coast Machinery Movers to the task of planning and building a 7,200 sq. ft. state-of-the-art building on a lot adjacent to the existing facility. Coast was instrumental in putting together a first class team of sub-contractors to complete the project in just over 4 months.
Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.
On Friday, August 26th at 10:00 am Lock-Ridge shut down their sheet metal facility and the machinery move started. In all 13 machines and support equipment needed to be relocated, a monumental task. On hand were 4 electricians to disconnect and reconnect the equipment, 11 Amada Technicians to secure and re-install all of the equipment and most importantly a team from Coast Machinery Movers to do the heavy lifting.
On Saturday the 27th at 5:00 pm all equipment was moved, installed and ready for production on Monday the 27th. Perhaps the most impressive part of the move was everyone’s willingness to work around the clock to make this all happen. Several times Mr. Larry Beard from Coast told me he would send two crews and work 24 hours a day if that is what it took.
Operation is now at full speed and Lock-Ridge has increased their force by 7 people since the move. Currently at 54 employees Lock-Ridge has increased from 17 employees in September of 2010 to where it is now with expectation of reaching 60 by the year’s end.
Lock-Ridge is proud of it’s accomplishments to be growing the business in a time when many others are folding their tents and thank Coast Machinery Movers for their expertise and innovations to help keep that dream alive.
Keith Clark
President / C.E.O
Lock-Ridge Tool Co.

Beard Equipment: Auctions

Having an Auction?
Contact Brad Louie or Shaun Hansen at Beard Equipment for more information.

Selling Equipment
Beard Equipment is tailored to provide professionals to help buy your equipment or machinery from auctions, surplus equipment or machinery within a plant, or complete plants. Beard Equipment will be able to help with removal and disposal of any unsalable equipment from your facility.
Buying Equipment
Beard Equipment has the expertise to help guide customers who need equipment or machinery for their specific services. We have a huge range of equipment and machinery both at our facility and on our eBay store. We will be able to load, rig, and transport any equipment or machinery bought from our facility.
Marketing Equipment
Need exposure of your equipment? Beard Equipment offers services that provide marketing exposure globally. Each proposal made is customized for each customer to gain the most revenue for the equipment.
Beard Equipment Specialties
* Provide secured equipment storage
* Assist with rigging and transportation
* Up to date with market prices
* Buy & sell equipment for major industries such as: 

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Machine Tool Manufactures & Distributors
  • Food & Beverage Plants
  • Aerospace
  • Laboratories
  • Fashion Retail
  • Press & Printing Companies

Beard Equipment Scaffolding

Beard Equipment has recently acquired a large amount of scaffolding here in South El Monte, CA. If you have any interest in purchasing the lot of scaffolding, make us an offer on the whole lot. We can handle the logistics aspect also!

At this time we are taking offers on the lot of scaffolding. If interested in making a bid for any of the items shown below, please contact Shaun or Brad at 626-579-4510.

Beard Scaffolding Equipment